Car DVD 2 DIN Android 5.1.1 GPS screen 6.95" Multimedia

Car DVD 2 DIN Android 5.1.1 GPS screen 6.95" Multimedia

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Car-dvd 2 DIN GPS screen 6.95"  Multimedia

2 DIN 6.95"  screen - DVD - GPS - DVBT TV - IPOD - SD - USB - FM - RDS -DUALZONE - Bluetooth - DVR - 1080P - ANDROID 5.1.1 - Quad core 1.6Ghz - 3G - WIFI - Internal memory 8GB + 4GB SD MAP GPS EUROPE

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334,00 €

This Car DVD universal 2 DIN has a real multimedia entertainment center for communication and navigation, running the Android operating system, such as smartphones. We find uses that were rather far in the field of IT: Google Maps, voice search, location, etc.


It has a CD player that can play DVDs, DIVX, MP3 and photos.


Its GPS module running on a platform ANDROID 5.1.1, you can navigate with ease and make you aware of the presence of any radar.

The GPS software is installed on an SD card, and allows you to release the CD / DVD


There is also a USB input and a video input and 1 video output, allowing you to connect a reverse camera, game console or other video sources. It also has 2 audio outputs for amp.



Install the unit and connect it to the power supply, speakers and peripherals.

Connect the GPS antenna (behind the car radio)

Connect the TV antenna (behind the car radio)

Insert the SD card provided in the latch to GPS

You can now enjoy your car stereo, GPS and multimedia embedded pleasures!



Distinguishing feature :

DVD player :

Supported media: DVD-R / DVD + R / DVD-RW / + W DV / SVCD / VCD / CD-R / CD + R / CD-RW / CD + RW

Read Format: Audio CD / DVD / MP3 / MPEG4 / MPEG2 / DivX / Xvid / Avi / WMA / JPEG etc. ...


ANDROID system:

car stereo that works with the Android operating system, such as smartphones. We find uses that were rather far in the field of IT: Google Maps, voice search, location, etc.


3G System

The strength of this system lies in access to online services. To qualify, you must have a 3G dongle. A slot for the 3G is expected, The device has three USB ports: one for the 3G, an iPhone or iPod and one for a USB socket, which can be used to connect a USB or HDD up to 1000 GB



Steering wheel:

The control input driving allows you to connect the unit directly driving your car.

You can control the radio from the steering wheel.


USB port :

Reading USB drive, USB HDD etc ... Device recognized standard format to FAT 32


SD Card Reader:

SD. Accepts SD card up to 16GB ID3 (MP3: Name the artist, album title, song title).



Calculates routes taking into account the information provided in real time by the service operators (Supplied in GPS EUROPE MAP FREE)


DVBT Tuner external or internal:

18 channels for free europe, Multi language / Multi European countries allows 22 reception rolling up 120KM / H


Radio :

AM / FM 30 papers, research stations automatically or manually, Function TA / PTY etc ...


Ipod / Iphone:

Ipod control. Connect your iPod and drive it from the screen of the receiver. Charges your iPod at the same time.



The Dual Zone function simultaneously combines GPS navigation function and a radio function and viewing DVDs for rear passengers



Bluetooth handsfree, will allow you to communicate with ease and safety, the unit controlling the essential functions of your phone, it lets you answer and dialed a number on the touch screen of the receiver, the microphone is integrated . Bluetooth connection to any mobile phone equipped with Bluetooth. Supports standard 1.0 to 2.0 Microphone in front for hands-free calling. Conversation through the speakers of the car.

Supports A2DP mode (stereo music via bluetooth) Caller ID, redial, hang up and stall, depending on mobile phone directory.



Pre-Settings Pop, Rock, Classic, Standard and allowing you to find the setting that suits the music you listen to. Mixing bass and treble, balance before rear, left or right to fine tune and customize your settings.



Connect a rearview camera, game console, digital tv box etc ...



CUP Rockchip 3188 1.6GHz Cortex A9 Quad core, 1GB RAM, 8GB Flash ANDROID 5.1.1

Mode 2 areas can listen to music while having the navigation.

Maps Gps supported: TomTom, IGO8, Route66, Destinator, Finean pole nav, Navigate 7, etc. ...


Screen :

Touchscreen TFT LCD 6.95" Digital resolution 1024 X 600 pixels.


Amplifier :

Mos-fet amplifier 4 x 60 Watt, 4 output pre-amp. Dolby Digital DTS 5-1



Auto detection reverse camera (when you engage reverse gear the image of the reverse camera is displayed on the screen) With the autoswitch as soon as you enclencherez your reversing your rearview camera will be automatically displayed the screen.


Menu :



Intuitive graphical interface. Order via the touch screen. Infrared remote control. Original remote driving with auto-learn commands. Resumption of steering wheel controls.



Facade :

SD Card Port

Socket for Ipod



Backlog :

1 socket for rear camera

1 video input

1 input stereo

2 stereo outputs

1 subwoofer output

2 video outputs

1 radio antenna jack

1 TV antenna socket

1 GPS antenna jack

Interface for automatic failover backup camera




Food and speaker jack: Standard Iso

Preamp: 4 (Front - Rear) RCA jack

Audio Video Input: 1 (RCA jack)

Came back-up camera with automatic switching: 1

USB jack: 2

Radio antenna jack: 1

GPS antenna connector: 1 (SMA)

RCA (3 pair)

Taken Ipod



Maps present: Albania, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Rep. Czech, Romania, United Kingdom, Russia.

Package Contents:


Multimedia car radio

Infrared remote control

GPS Antenna

TV Antenna (Only for model with digital TV DVBT)

Connectors (multifunction jack)

Apple iPhone Cable

Connection input / audio / video outputs

Radio antenna cable

USB cable

4GB SD card with map europe tomtom GPS, IGO, or tomtom route66

User Manual


We test all products before shipment, and we can assure you they work flawlessly.