Audi A3 Car DVD internet 3G USB SD TV DIGITAL 250km/h origin model

Audi A3 Car DVD internet 3G USB SD TV DIGITAL 250km/h origin model

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Audi A3 car-dvd original from 2002 Touchscreen 7 "HD - DVD - GPS- - SUPPORT 3G - TV DIGITAL - PIP - iPod - SD - USB - FM - RDS - Bluetooth - Memory 6 CD - 2GB SD - CANBUS - GPS MAP EUROPE - chang background

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Divx car-DVD with Sony lens and tile Sharp Multi-Function for Audi 3 from 2002 (HD, PIP, TV tuner, Bluetooth, touchscreen, USB SUPPORT internet 3G, GPS Dual zone Samsung brand, IPOD connection & auxiliary CAN BUS : steering wheel and display stations dashboard)

advantage of its integrated Digital TV Tuner 100km / h with mini external antenna

or its integrated Digital TV Tuner 250km / h comes with 2 mini indoor antenna

high-tech-discount always TOP Technology

Car AUDI A3 Touch screen 7 "HD-compatible with CANBUS system BOSE

GPS TomTom map Europe, Route66, IGO FREE

This special car AUDI A3 has an entertainment center for multimedia communication and navigation. More than a basic GPS navigation unit, it improves your driving by many opportunities for communication and multimedia entertainment.

Compatible Car BMW AUDI A3 from 2002

Designed for the whole family, it combines entertainment and GPS functionality. It is possible to make additional connections by adding additional screens or a reversing camera in the rear of the car for the kids happy on long journeys. In addition, the volume of the radio is reduced in favor of voice prompts guide

It has a CD player that can read DVDs, DIVX, MP3 and photos. Its touch screen 7 "allows you to take full advantage of its features beforehand with an intuitive and easy to use.

No problem you can connect to two video devices such as for example a Playstation or a laptop. Two additional screens can be easily added via the RCA video inputs.

- Function 3G

This product allows you to connect a 3G key so you can surf the internet (navigation, games, msn, facebook, email ...)

The BLUETOOTH hands free to communicate with your mobile phone safely.

Its GPS module running on a Windows CE platform, allows you to navigate with ease and make you aware of the presence of any radar.

The GPS software is installed on an SD card, and allows you to release the CD / DVD

Charger CD Second generation, the reader can store up to 6 Multimedia CD with its Internal Flash Memory 2 GB in its internal charger, it has an internal memory capable of storing the equivalent of 6 music CDs

Function CDC: Compatible with CD Loader On Origin

There is also a USB input and a video input and 1 video output, allowing you to connect a reverse camera, game console or other video sources. It also has two audio outputs for amp.


Install the radio and connect to the power supply, speakers and peripherals.

Connect the GPS antenna (behind the radio)

Connect the TV antenna (behind the radio)

Insert the SD card provided in the latch to GPS

You can now enjoy your radio, GPS and multimedia embedded pleasures!


- Slide Menu by

Intuitive 3D user interface in French.
The background screen is interchangeable with é updating your personal image.


Support media: DVD-R / DVD + R / DVD-RW / DV + W / SVCD / VCD / CD-R / CD-R / CD-RW / CD + RW

Read Format: Audio CDs / DVD / MP3 / MPEG4 / MPEG2 / Divx / Xvid / AVI / WMA / JPEG. ...

CANBUS function:

Recovery of the steering wheel, dashboard information, assistance and parking the vehicle temperature (air conditioning)

Steering wheel:

The input on the steering wheel allows you to connect directly to the radio in your car.

You can control the radio from the steering wheel.


To calculate routes taking into account the information provided in real time by service operators (Supplied in GPS MAP EUROPE FREE)

USB port:

Reading USB drive, USB HDD etc.. Device recognized ... standard format to FAT 32

- Autoswitch

The view from your rear view camera is automatically displayed on the screen as soon as you reverse your enclencherez.

SD Card Reader:

SD. Accepts SD card up to 16GB ID3 (MP3: Name the artist, album title, song title).

DVBT Tuner:

18 Chain Free Europe, Multi language / Multi Region comprises 22 countries allows reception rolling up 100KM / H


AM / FM 30 submissions, research stations automatically or manually, Function TA / PTY etc ....

Ipod / Iphone:

Ipod control. Connect your iPod and drive it from the screen of the receiver. Charges your iPod at the same time.


Handsfree Bluetooth allows you to communicate with ease and safety, radio control essential functions of your phone, you can answer and dial a number on the touch screen of the radio, the microphone is integrated . Bluetooth connection to any mobile phone equipped with Bluetooth. Supports standard 1.0 to 2.0 Microphone in front for hands-free calling. Conversation through the speakers of the car.

Supports A2DP mode (stereo music via bluetooth) Caller ID, redial, hang up and stall, depending on mobile phone directory.


Dual Zone function simultaneously combines GPS navigation and radio function and a viewing of the DVD for rear passengers.


Pre-Settings Pop, Rock, Classic, Standard and you can find the setting that suits the music you listen to. Mixing Bass and Treble, Balance front to back, left or right to tune and customize your settings.


Connect a camera, games console, digital TV box etc. ...


SiRF Atlas V, 850MHz CPU samsung 20 Channels. System Win CE Net 6.0

Dualzones Mode allows you to listen to music while having the navigation.

Gps Maps Supported: TomTom, IGO8, Route66, Destinator Finean pole nav Navigate 7, etc.. ...


Touch Screen 7 "TFT LCD HD High Definition Digital resolution 800 X480 pixels.


Mos-fet amplifier 4 x 50 Watt, 4 output pre-amp. Dolby Digital DTS 5-1


Auto detection camera back (when you engage reverse image of the reverse camera is displayed on the screen)

With the autoswitch, once you enclencherez your reversing your rearview camera is automatically displayed on the screen.


Menu available in several language: ENGLISH, FRENCH, ITALIAN, GERMAN, SPANISH, PORTUGUESE ...

Intuitive graphical interface. Command via the touchscreen. Infrared remote control. Original remote driving with auto-learn commands. Resumption of steering wheel controls.



SD cards

Taken for Ipod



Standard connectors with plug for VAG steering wheel

1 socket for rear camera

1 video input

1 input stereo

2 stereo outputs

1 subwoofer output

2 video outputs

1 power radio antenna

1 TV antenna socket

1 socket for GPS antenna

Interface for automatic failover on backup camera


Food and speaker jack: Standard Iso

Preamp: 4 (Front - Rear) RCA jack

Came AV: 1 (RCA jack)

Came up camera with automatic switching: 1

USB: 1

Taking radio antenna: 1

GPS antenna connector: 1 (SMA)

RCA (3 pair)

Taken Ipod


Operation is intuitive, either by car or truck, you will be informed of the shortest path and the fastest way to reach your destination.

Signaling radar.

Menu available languages ​​spoken by the voice and GPS: Arab, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian ...

These maps: Albania, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech. Romania, United Kingdom, Russia.

Contents of the box:

Car GPS Multimedia

Infrared remote control

GPS antenna

DVB-T antenna

Connectors (multifunction jack)

Iphone Ipod cable

Connectivity I / O audio / video

Radio antenna cable

USB cable

2GB SD card with GPS map europe tomtom, igo, route66 or tomtom

Manual in English

Stylus for touch screen

We have tested this product, and we can assure you it works flawlessly.

This product is revolutionary and will enable you to have a high-end equipment in your vehicle, at a competitive price.

New product 3 years warranty