About High Tech discount
High tech discount is managed by the technology Goodstar Globaltrans ltd
Our company has established partnerships with factories, distributors and major international brands to offer you a wide range of car radios and GPS compatible accessories for your vehicle.
You can find on our site of the original product with CE and adapted to the major brands of cars (Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Renault ...) to factory direct prices!
If you want to compare our offer with the market, be sure to consider our three strengths:
1. GPS car stereo guaranteed by high tech discount
All our products are manufactured in the best factories in Asia with a demand for quality and a price guarantee.
  All our products are tested and inspected before being shipped home.
You also get a 24 month warranty parts and labor with a dedicated support after your purchase.
2. 100% Secure Checkout
Your purchases by credit card are secured by moneybookers. (see payment)
  An invoice is issued by our company when confirmation of the order confirmation.
3. Your order delivered to you by express
A provisional date of shipment is visible in real time in your account high-tech deals.
  All our products are delivered directly to you via a private carrier responsible for the preparation of your order. The status of your order is available to all online from the site of the carrier.
  This shipping method recommended by our company allows us to offer delivery times as short as possible.
For more information, please visit the Shipping.

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