Handle biometric fingerprint, alarm code and key

Handle biometric fingerprint, alarm code and key

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EXCLUSIVE, the first door handle integrated digital alarm and control biometric (fingerprint)

Longer need a traditional alarm system with ProLock

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This handle will allow you to digital biometric poteger and control access to sensitive parts of your home or in a professional space sensitive. Limit theft, prying eyes by a unique high-tech protection.

We have certainly reached the top the top of the range safety devices with which the handle biometric alarm. If security has never been a concern for you. This product provides you with exactly what you need to protect your locaux.et your lifestyle. This is one of the best and safest methods to allow people to access certain parts of your office building or any other room of your choice and incorporates high flow alarm to scare away thieves.

Anyone who needs access to a room with classified information, whether business, personal, business or even the government, will put his finger on the fingerprint sensor and / or enter a code to unlock the security lock.

Suitable for:


Private study
Executive offices
Office managers
Room financial records
Computer room
Office of Special
Front door
House door
And also ...

Peace of mind with a guarantee of security in the 21st century. This means that the lock can not be pirated. If no one is allowed access, then they will never be able to access it. This handle can be installed on doors in wood or metal that have between 45 to 55 mm thick, it is perfect for almost every office and home entry.


In addition to the total safety, the safety lock will provide advanced technology for most interior design.


Material: Aluminum and steel

Color: Silver or Gold

Sensor Type Fingerprint: 3D sensor

Key emergency

A keypad code


Security alarm
Privilege management: administrator and user rights


Master Key: x4

Installation Key: x1

Emergency power supply: 9V battery

Digicode: Full Num.lock

Electronic Inputs: USB for PC connection

Primary Controls / Indicators:
- Fingerprints
- Sensor LED Backlight
- Keypad
- Inclusion Mechanical Key Hole
- Lever Handle
- Integral Slide Up / Down Cover

Electrical Source:
- Working Voltage - 4 x 1.5 AA Battery
- Battery life - 13,000 Times
- Alarm - voltage <4.5 volts

- Static current - <26uA
- Dynamic Current - <160mA
- Peak current - <220mA

Capture device fingerprint:
- Capture Area - 18mm x 19.6mm
- Resolution - 500dpi
- Authentication Time - <1.5 s (including the capture, validation, release)
- Operating temperature - -25 to 60 degrees Celsius
- Working Humidity - 20% - 90%
- The storage capacity - 100 users
- Memory capacity - 10 Years
- FRR - <1%
- FAR - 0.0001%
- Capture Angle - + / - 45 degrees
- Sensor - Optical sensor
- User Authentication - 1: N

LCD Features:

- Display Area - 22.5mm x 12 mm
- Announcement of content - process and outcome

Dimensions: L: 318 x W: 74.25 x D: 79 (mm)



Code + fingerprint, a double security
The keys can be used to access backup
Open and close your door with your fingerprint
This fingerprint lock for doors that are 40-50mm thick
Fingerprint sensor 3D instant recording and accessibility
Manual with detailed diagrams of how to install
High flow alarm in case of force or shock is.



• Sensor: Optical

• Ability to fingerprints: 100 users

• Alarm, shocks or forcing the lock the alarm goes off

• LCD: • sliding cover under protection: Protectingthe fingerprint reader and keyboard from rain, dust and stars + damage to the lock

• Mode of access: fingerprint / password / mechanical key

• Function:

• Security Alarm Dial-up: If Ia door is not closed properly, the alarm sounds to remind the user.

• red display

• Managing Privilege: The right to different administrative and user

• emergency power.


Product certified CE, FCC, ISO 9001