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Gas mask

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Gas mask is designed to provide protection against chemical, biological or radioactive, which can be used in the armed forces.


when the ambient air is contaminated with chemical and biological agents and radiated, the mask can provide effective protection for the wearer's respiratory tract, eyes and facial skin. The mask is designed for use by the army, police and civil defense and can also be used in industry, agriculture, warehousing, scientific research, etc.

The flexibility of the body of the mask is appropriate. The elastic straps are elastic and can be adjusted randomly to ensure a comfortable fit and free from leaks. Two lenses of the eyes are made from plastic optical with its specially treated surface. The lenses offer a wide field of view and excellent optical properties and shook abrasion resistance.

The tank is filled with carbon impregnated with good quality and high efficiency filter paper and filter paper with high efficiency and can filter out toxic gases and aerosol particles from the air bearing with the exception of carbon monoxide. The reservoir has a low resistance, lightness and durability.


cyanogen chloride is not less than 50 minutes to 30 L / min.

1. 5 mg / L, the conditions of 80-80% RH.

Hydrogen cyanide is not less than 50 minutes to 30L/min, 3 mg / L conditions.

2. Oil mist penetration coefficient: no more than 0.005% at 30L/min

3. Inhalation resistance: no more than 186 Pa at 30L/min.

4. expiratory resistance: no more than 100 Pa at 30L/min.

5. Field of view: total> 75 °, binocular visual field of 30 °.

6. Shelf life: over 8 years.


1. The mask body is divided into three sizes (small, medium and large on the bottom left of the body mask with a number:. A (small), 2 (medium) or 3 (large) The user must choose a mask adapted to the shape of the user's head. If the eyes of the user after the mask was worn are at about10 mm above the horizontal center of the lenses if the line, it is shown that the size the mask chosen is appropriate. If the eyes are above the value of 10mm, the mask is too small. If the eyes are below the value, the mask is too big.

2. After using the mask, sweat, dirt or other left on all parts should be wiped, especially on the lens end trap, trap suction. If necessary body of the mask can be cleaned by water and the filter must be cleaned but avoid in.If water used in the environment infected by the virus, the body of the mask and the filter can be cleaned with disinfectants 1% peracetic acid. If necessary the body of the mask, it can be tempered in1% peracetic acid disinfectants. but not the filters. After disinfection, the mask body can be cleaned with water.

3. The adsorption capacity of the cartridge can be reduced for toxic gases after the cartridge has absorbed moisture. The closure cap and the cap should normally be attached to the canister to prevent moisture penetration.

4. Gas masks must be stored in a cool, dry place. If masks are not used for some time, support must be placed inside the mask body to avoid distortion. The body of the mask should not be put in place or in contact with an organic solvent.

CE and ISO