Renault Megane 3 fluence - M3 autoradio renault megane M3 Fluence

Renault Megane 3 fluence - M3 autoradio renault megane M3 Fluence

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Renault Megane 3 fluence - M3 M3 car-dvd  renault Fluence Car radio DVD - DIVX - GPS - Bluetooth - SD - USB - Freeview HD TV - FM - Touchscreen HD 7'' - IPOD - IPHONE - Menu 3D - MP3 - Dual Zone - Steering wheel - air conditioning information and rardar back - Delivery with TOMTOM and IGO primo 3D - CANBUS 

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329,00 €

Renault Megane 3 fluence - M3 M3 car-dvd renault Fluence 

Product Highlights: 

- Touch screen 7 inch TFT LCD high resolution 3D 
- Internal Bluetooth with micro facade 
- GPS IGO PRIMO program and TOMTOM 3D or 2D 
- Wizard Driver Assistance PREVENTING of accident-prone areas can contain a radar 
- HD tuner integrated TMC 
- Dual Zone Function 
- Re cupé ration steering wheel controls, information air conditioning, onboard computer, parking sensors 
The new radio station adaptable Renault Mé gane III has many original features and practices. 
It is especially equipped with a fully touch screen 7 inch TFT LCD high definition. The slab of the screen, produced by SAMSUNG, displays high resolution 800,480. 

GPS integrated latest generation Samsung 600 MHz + 250 MHz DSP CPU SiRF Atlas V with 128 MB DDR running under Windows 6.0 in French. 
At the time of purchase, the user receives more and gift two 2GB SD cards containing TOMTOM 3D and 3D IGO PRIMO programs (both are offered to you you do not have to make a choice). 

Side options, we may retain the HD tuner built in this unit, in French, to receive all the channels in the coverage area and the entire TMC Europe (for traffic info) 

Note that it is possible via the dual zone function to use the GPS at the same time as the radio broadcast of music files. 

  With bluetooth and internal microphone, the driver can answer or make calls easily with the touch screen and receive sound through the speakers. 
The Bluetooth connection also allows the user to enjoy Mp3 files stored in the phone by transferring them to the radio. 

It is also compatible (recharge and management) with IPOD or IPHONE. The driver can therefore utilize the functionality directly via the touch screen. 

The menu is developed intuitive 3D French for ultra easy operation and color keys on the screen can be adjusted according to taste. 

It is also possible to recover the steering wheel controls, air conditioning and the information panel and radar Original decline. Car comes with CANBUS 

In terms of external equipment, this unit has two SD ports (GPS and media card) and a USB port with a selection of files directly via the touch screen. 

To diversify the rear passengers can connect two video devices such as Playstation or laptop .. 
Two additional screens can be easily added via the RCA video inputs. 

With the autoswitch, the view from your rear view camera is automatically displayed on the screen as soon as you reverse your enclencherez. 

Region free product accepting all audio and video formats. 

Logo display your vehicle at an s power Renault 

In addition to the GPS function, bluetooth, DVD, USB, SD, internal charger, dual zone function "picture in picture, iphone / ipod you will find a amlificateur 4 * 45 W associated with electronic anti shock player. 

Finally, the FM RDS includes the function to receive the same station throughout the trip, and the unit comes with a remote to control all functions remotely. 

 Product comes with all the menus in French language ready for use and guaranteed for a period of 3 years. 

Unit will fit perfectly into the original table without any modification on the following vehicles board: 

- Renault Mé gane III and M3 

 Once you have validated your settlement and delivery details confirmed you are going to receive your order within 6 days containing: 

- Car 
- GPS Antenna 
- 2 GB SD Card GPS mapping containing IGO PRIMO Europe and the 3D program 
- 2 GB SD Card GPS containing a map of Europe and the TOMTOM 3D program 
- Remote 
- USB Cable 
- IPOD / IPHONE Cable 
- All connection cables 

We have tested this product, and we can assure you it works flawlessly. 

This product is revolutionary and will allow you to have a high-end equipment in your vehicle at a competitive price.