Section 1: Conditions of sale, these terms of sale apply to all orders made on the Internet high-tech site - the products offered for sale by the company reserves the right to adapt or change the General conditions of sale at any time. If you change, it will be applied to each order the General conditions of sale in force at the date of the order.

Article 2: Availability of the products. Our offers of products and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the site, integrated as car radios 1din, 2din multimedia items and original are made to order in our factory, high-tech - does not stock, by this bias HTD offer the best privileges to provide multimedia devices on-board equipment for the car. High-tech-Discount chain team will always offer you articles certify to international and European security with certificate this Europe Rhos Iso 9001 standards, 80% of the article Radio GPS DVD are made on order to allow customers to benefit from all the new features, version and update, the article will be available in stock within a period of 3 to 5 days for making 2-3 days for test control and quality, all the items are controlled and test in the factory before the ' shipments so that all customers HTD benefits insurance to receive products in perfect operation and flawless. If you have the possibilities of receiving a model similar to a similar price or a refund for the order in its entirety, subject to a notice period of 45 days from the date of payment, the customer  may exercise his right of withdrawal at any time and will accept after its notice. The manufacturer may at any time make us change official delivery date. However, if the timeout of 10 specified days on the high-tech site - is expires, claims can lead to or cancellation of the order or compensation, unless the delivery time exceed 45 days, the customer will be entitled to full claim on the same bank account that he has used to purchase and have a discount of funds within 6 business days, in a case if HTD missing has one of these commitment described in the conditions and obligations of sales, the customer will be entitled to claim a full refund of the purchase with compensation for delay, the high-tech site - commit personally to compensated the customer of the delay by defects above this sent the claim to return Since his client available space on the display button (return Director), customer benefits can be calculated on the total amount of order + 2% penalty per month, the amount of penalties can be submitted in form of good customers purchase, promotional code, or electronic money.

Article 3: Validation of orders and electronic signature. All order form signed by the consumer by "double click" constitutes irrevocable acceptance which cannot be questioned within the limits provided for in these terms of sale. The "double click" associated with the procedure of authentication and non-repudiation and the protection of the integrity of messages constitutes an electronic signature. This electronic signature has value between the parties in the same way as a handwritten signature. It shows that clicking on 'buy it now' then to confirm the sale by clicking on "confirm purchase" on the following Web page is a command.

your order: supporting home and debit in your name, but also proof of home on behalf of the person to the address of delivery etc... These requests are made by e-mail and will soon be able to be submitted in each customer account HTD.

Article 5: Methods and livraison.5.1 times - terms General products are delivered to the delivery address you gave us during the order process. For the sake of tracking, it is impossible to deliver the orders in bases or other premises of the armed forces. 5.2 - delivery classical General: remittances are made by Chronopost (ems), DHL, DPD or postal parcel, depending on the location of the customer, the carrier most appropriate will be designer for delivery to the customer, it will then contact within 48 h by email with a the tracking number of your trackable order online discount. Classic delivery is made without an appointment, announced by the claimant 5 to 10 days maximum. high-tech - is not responsible for additional delays that may occur during a delivery by post or carrier. (Ems) Chronopost, DHL, DPD, Poste: the delivery is made to the landing door, the parcel is delivered against signature. In the absence of the recipient, a good is delivered in the box the letters to get a look on its own the parcel to the nearest post office or to contact the carrier to arrange a meeting point for a new customer delivery. A tracking number online from the supported by the provider of the parcel. This number is used to track the shipment. Is in no way responsible for incorrect information possibly appearing on the system of follow-up to the claimant. You should check the inside of the package upon delivery of it. If no or deterioration of the parcel, the breakage or damage must be reported to the carrier at the time of delivery. 5.3 - shipping deadlines advertised on the site as a whole are calculated in working days. The times indicated are an average and match manufacturing, preparation and test times 

Article 6: Responsibilities * high-tech - cannot be held responsible for the non-performance of the contract, due to the occurrence of an event of force majeure or partial postal services, carriers, and disasters caused by floods or fires, high-tech - will incur no liability for all damage fresh, or indirect as a result of the present, loss of exploitation, loss of profit, damage that might arise. * The choice and the purchase of a product or a service are under the sole responsibility of the customer. Impossible total or partial use the products especially for cause of incompatibility of the material cannot give rise to any compensation (shipping costs that we hired, fees and charges restocking will be €40 deducted from the refund) 

Article 7: Treatment of parcels not distributed by the provider. packages unclaimed, refused, transport damage, plunder... (Return fees can be generated and attributable to the customer, the payment of these fees will be done by the buyer before any redirection or these will be deducted from his payment in case of refund).7.1 - returns on the IASP general grounds, the package returned by the service provider responsible for delivery under the mention: do not live at the address indicated. Treatment of a bounce back, after receipt and acceptance of your package by our services according to the nature of the product, available stocks and according to your wish we offer reship you the product originally ordered or a product Exchange to the equivalent properties (return fees can be generated and attributable to the customer the payment of these fees will be done by the buyer before any redirection or these will be deducted from his payment in case of refund). The second delivery costs are charged to the buyer. Otherwise, a voucher or a refund will be credited to your account within 72 hours of receipt of your parcel by high-tech - It will only support the value of the object, without the shipping costs paid by the acheteur.7.2 - returns under the ground "unclaimed". General: packages unclaimed by customers at the post office or the carrier within the time limits. Treatment of a return under the ground "unclaimed" (return costs may be spawned and attributable to the customer charges must lead by the purchaser before any redirection or these will be deducted from the refund). After receipt and acceptance of your package by our services, depending on the nature of the product, available stock and according to your wish, we offer you reship the product originally ordered or a p

Article 8: Right of return 8.1 - Procedure and conditions of return. In an objective of identification and treatment optimal returns, any product that needs to be returned must be a request to return with our services in the customer account on the website within a period of 10 days, only if the product was not installed in the vehicle, in this case it will not consider new, referral for Exchange or return request is available on your customer account tech support -, all packages are shipped under the responsibility of the sender. Only the sender of the parcel is able to launch a survey of postal services if the parcel is lost or misplaced.  Upon receipt of the return, our services will monitor the compliance of the product returned with the reason for return. If the returned product is not compliant, it can be refused or returned at the expense of the customer. The reason for return may be reclassified. Therefore, you will be notified by email and the processing of your return. 8.2 - returns for reference error in order to properly process your request, your request for return must be report from your customer area on the high-tech site - .you have 10 days to notify us that the product received is not the ordered product: reference error, problem of size, color, produces completely different. The product must be returned in good condition and in its original packaging, even if the latter has been opened, with all of its content (accessories, cables, notes...). After receipt and acceptance of the package by our services, depending on the nature of the product, available stocks and according to your wishes, we offer you reship a new product originally ordered or a product of Exchange to the equivalent properties, or a refund which can be credited to your co

 Article 9: 9.0 guarantees all products are guaranteed for 2 years without conditions from November 26, 2011. All products ordered before November 26, 2011 guard their guarantee respective 1 year, insurance and service 9.1 - General when the product has a guaranteed constructor. To qualify for the guarantee of the products should be imperatively to keep the invoice of purchase of the product and raise the serial number of the device on the product, in case of failure during the initial warranty period, repairs or sending a package of spare parts will be provided free of charge, shipping remains the responsibility of the customer, it is essential that you at least describe the problem with your product. In order to properly process your request, please remind the order number, your full address. Port costs incurred by your care to send us your product are your responsibility. ATTENTION! : Only products justifying failure proven by a professional will be accepted. 

Article 10: Protection of personal data the personal data collected by Science vital Technology in any order of the buyer are needed for the management of the order by Science vital technology and its service providers potential, and may be used by Science vital technology, subject to the rights of the person concerned, in order to inform it of the products or services provided by Science vital technology or by its trading partners. The buyer has a right to access and to rectify or delete data on treated by Science vital technology, as well as the right to oppose the processing of such data for purposes of direct marketing. These rights are realized with Science vital technology by mail addressed to the customer service of Science vital technology in the contact information in the "Contact us" section.